True local knowledge, wide international experience. What makes us stand out is our common love for dance.

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With dance as a common thread

MoveByNumbers started its operations at the beginning of 2021. With dance as a common thread, Jonny Boström has created a new agency from scratch, where he realizes his two great passions; dance and helping people with accounting and advice. Jonny Boström, with broad experience in the audit and advisory industry and as finance manager at both a bank and an insurance company, felt that something was missing in the accounting industry.

– My message to my future customers is: We can help you focus on what you are good at and we take care of what you find boring. We will package it in a new way, with expressions from dance, says Jonny Boström.

To reach out, the new agency will use social media extensively. The purpose is to arouse interest, attract new customers and future employees. Through participation in the TV show Talent, Jonny has created an interest and received a lot of attention. Now it’s time to manage it and build on it with good content that educates in economics in a fun way.

What does it take to get a good dance production?

It has been shown in our investigations that it is the same things that are required to get a good dance production that should be in a company with a good spirit.

With us, everyone has a strong mandate

For us at MoveByNumbers, everyone in the team has a strong mandate. They must feel that they have a mandate to make demands both internally and on customers to improve our delivery and quality.

Our Company Soul is based on our values:













Our team

Jonny Boström

Jonny Boström

Areas of expertise

  • Closely-held companies, Foundations, International companies
  • Digitization of the finance function
  • Streamline and modernize accounting firms
  • Business development, increase profitability, growth strategies

Dance passion

Jonny started dancing at the beginning of the 80s and has since danced different styles of street such as poppin, house, locking, funk. He has also danced Simonsonjazz for more than 10 years. The biggest inspiration in dance is the street dance company Bounce and the movement they started in Sweden’s entertainment and dance scenes.


Jonny has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting. Among other things, he has been COO at the newly established audit and accounting agency Deskjockeys, financial manager at a bank and insurance company and financial and digitization consultant at his own agency StructureFinder. Jonny authorized accounting consultant at FAR


Phone: +46-70-495 62 39

Louise Olsson

Louise Olsson

Areas of expertise

  • SMEs
  • International Groups with Swedish subsidiary or branch
  • Financial statements and annual reports
  • VAT and Corporate income tax
  • Swedish Payroll

Dance passion

Louise has a great passion for experiencing dance on stage. She rarely misses a dance performance at Dansens hus or at the Opera. She hasn’t danced much herself but has promised to show us at MoveByNumbers some steps soon.


Louise has worked with finance and accounting for more than 10 years. She has experience from Swedish accounting firms and has also worked with international accounting in Luxembourg. Before she joined MoveByNumbers, she was a Team leader for a team of accountants at an international accounting firm in Stockholm who were responsible for ensuring that Swedish companies with foreign owners followed Swedish accounting and tax rules. Louise is an Authorized Accounting Consultant certified by Srf konsulterna.


Telephone: +46-76-307 82 71

Mario Perez Amigo

Mario Perez Amigo

Areas of expertise

  • Creates own beats and music
  • Choreographs dance numbers
  • Teaches dance in various styles

Dance passion

Mario’s entire career is characterized by dance and music in all shapes and forms. Based on his experiences in how to create impressions, he helps us at MovebyNumbers with music and visual expressions.


Mario has managed a lot during his career and has extensive experience of working with music and dance both on and off the stage. Among other things, he has worked with Melodifestivalen, Sweden Got Talent and other productions, along with competing and acting as a judge in several different competitions worldwide.

Sub-consultants and partners

Our team also consists of sub-consultants via our strong network with other accounting firms and specialists in law, tax, VAT and dance.

Our customers

Our customers want to work in a modern way and build a long-term relationship. Customers are willing to adopt new ways of working, software and financial thinking. Together we agree on what is to be achieved and support each other to get there in the best and fastest way. Clear action plans and ongoing follow-ups are the key to success.

We work with

Industries we have experience in are


Small business




Established companies


Swedish companies with foreign owners


Branches of foreign companies


Financial companies (banks, insurance companies and private equity)


Development companies

IT companies

Start-ups with national capital funding

Accounting agencies

Foundations and non-profit associations

Chamber of Commerce

Artists and showbusiness


We work long-term with our suppliers and partners. Together, we develop our offer and refine the solutions to always be at the forefront. The systems that we work with and have a close collaboration with are:

Members in

Starting business in Sweden?

We can assist with setting up a company with Swedish shareholders. If foreign shareholders, we have other service providers within our newtork.

Expanding your business into Sweden?

We know what is required for you to be compliant.

Our international clients get full support with their payroll, accounting, VAT and statutory reports.

Accounting in Sweden

We offer accounting and consulting services in Sweden

MoveByNumbers' Fundamentals

Depending om what services you and your company are in need of, you can rest assured that MoveByNumbers always provide:

  • Personal contact
  • Quality assured deliveries
  • Real time cloud accounting
  • Personalized solutions
  • Business development support
  • Advisory

MoveByNumbers' Quality

We strive to provide all of our clients with high quality services. In order to do so we aish to understand you and your business. What are your goals? Why do you do what you do?

Together, we will identify your needs so we can set mutual expectations to ensure an efficient collaboration. We personalize your software solution and provide real time cloud accounting so you can use the accounting as a basis for your business operations.

MoveByNumbers has extensive experience in financial management, accounting and tax. We are authorized accounting consultants in Sweden and are listed in the Anti Money Laundering register which means we undergo regular quality checks. In other words, we are trustworthy service provider and we can support you along the way.

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